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The controller is one of the most important components within a flash drive or memory card. It controls the data flow between the host device and the memory and is largely responsible for the performance of the product. Controllers also manage features such as a wear-levelling and error-correction.

3D flash memory is the latest technology and used in the majority of our products. Memory cells are stacked on top of each other in layers which allows for lower cost and greater performance and reliability. 2D does not use stacked memory, it is an older technology, it can be harder to source and is predominantly used in specialist applications.

Flash memory is a non-volatile storage technology, meaning it doesn’t require power to maintain the data it is storing. There are different types and grades of flash memory and it is used on many different form-factors, e.g. SSDs, microSD cards and USB flash drives.

The data we use in electronic form is binary data, meaning it is made up of 1’s and 0’s. Because it’s binary, we can preload any type of data whether it is a company presentation or brochure, an operating system or a movie.

Yes we do. The ability to autorun from a flash drive is a feature of the controller. We only supply flash drives with controllers that support these types of features.

A volume label is a unique name given to the flash drive when it is first created or formatted. It can be customised to your company or product name.

Yes we can. We will be happy to discuss this option with you.

Yes we can, this is also a feature of the controllers we use.

A partition is a section on a storage device, it allows you to segment a single drive which could be used for separating files or installing a second set of data. A device could be formatted with one or more partitions. All the products we supply can be partitioned but we will need to understand your requirements fully as you will need to ensure your host can read from multiple partitions.

eMMC is short for embedded Multi-Media Controller. The eMMC solution consists of at least 3 components, the multimedia card, flash memory and a flash memory controller. eMMC is suitable for high performance applications, navigational systems, smart phones, digital tablets etc. It is also the memory we use for our SafeToGo products

Yes we do, however there are minimum order quantities and other costs associated with a custom housing, such as CAD design and tooling. We do have other housings that are not shown on the website so talk to us about your requirements as we may already have an option for you.

Our UV printer uses CMYK to print but we cannot print to a specific pantone colour.