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SafeToGo® Solo

Our Portable Encrypted Flash Drive

If you work from home, work offline or need to transfer data from machine to machine, then protect yourself with SafeToGo® Solo, a hardware encrypted USB stick. It is easy to use, requires very little time to set up and can be part of your GDPR compliance. 

  • USB Drive password protected
  • Military grade security
  • Easy to use plug-and-play
  • Windows & Mac compatible
  • 2018 DPA & GDPR compliant
  • Logo brand on the reverse side

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of remote working with the peace of mind that your files will remain safe on your secure encrypted USB flash drive, even if it is lost or stolen. The drive can only be unlocked with the user’s master password and this can be customised to lock after a predetermined number of failed login attempts. There is no backdoor or admin password reset meaning the data is totally secure.

  • Prevent unauthorised access – with the device’s AES 256-bit XTS encryption
  • Randomly generated key – encryption keys are randomly generated on-board (using ANSI X9.31 RNG) at user setup, leaving no back door
  • Timer lockdown – if left unattended in a computer, a unique timer will automatically lock it after a customisable number of minutes
  • Resin coated module protecting the memory chip, controller and all electronic circuitry
  • Easy to use – simply insert the encrypted flash drive into your PC, enter your password and your files will be automatically unlocked
  • Customisable – the logo can be customised with your company logo (MOQ’s apply)

Enterprise grade encryption

The SafeToGo® Solo is data password protected with AES 256-bit XTS encryption, which provides 100% hardware encrypted. It is an easy to use device, offering plug-in and play simplicity, making it an ideal solution for personal and professional users and SME’s that require secure storage.





About SafeToGo® Solo

SafeToGo® Solo is our signature encrypted USB stick, offering businesses a high-level of data security. It is designed to give easy, but secure access to anyone who works in a mobile or offline environment, or who prefers to keep their data local.

  • Capacity: SafeToGo® Solo is available in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB
  • Compatibility: Microsoft Windows 7-10 & Mac compatible
  • Dimensions: 56.7mm x 17.6mm x 6.5mm
  • Encryption: 256-bit AES XTS hardware module, 2048-bit RSA hardware module, 256-bit SHA hardware module
  • Interface: USB 3.2 Gen1 high speed. Backward compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1
  • Transfer Rate: 6GBit/sec for USB 3.1, 480MBits/sec for USB 2.0, 12MBits/sec for USB 1.1
  • Operating Temperature: 0C to 70C

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