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Our USB auto-run services

There may be a time when you want your pre-loaded software (a presentation, or a link to a website) to automatically run when your client or potential customer uses the USB flash drive. This is a special feature of the premium controllers we use and why we are able to offer this as a service. 

Most consumer grade, and standard ‘off-the-shelf’ promotional flash drives cannot support this feature as it requires a level of customisation and technical know-how.

Because we specify all the key components that go into our products, we know what is possible. Providing your customer is using a standard PC and it can support auto-run, then we make the user experience an enjoyable one. 

Be careful though, there are several amateurish auto-run programmes being used by some promotional companies and these are near-impossible to support.


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Faster time to message

There are many benefits of having auto-run functionality added to your USBs, whether your systems require the device to act as an operating system (boot up) or if you are simply using your USB flash drive as a marketing tool.

Having your content such as a presentation or a link to your webpage load straight away on to your customer or client’s device provides them with a better user-experience, enhancing the impression they have of your business.

However you may want to use the product and whatever user-experience you want, auto-run is just one of the ways we can add functionality and value to your product.

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