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Securely and accurately duplicate your data with our USB duplication services

Our duplication service

Our USB duplicator process is all about writing binary images, we do not copy files. We have one of the largest and most secure data duplication facilities in Europe that is trusted by high-profile, brand named companies all over the world.

We have an extensive range of specialist USB duplicators that perform many tasks, including the writing and verification of an image whilst recording the serial numbers and other key data parameters. It’s a complete end-to-end service you can trust.

It couldn’t be easier to get started. After agreeing what we’re going to do;

  • You provide us with the data (physical, SFTP, download)
  • We create a golden master for you to check and approve
  • Once approved, the ‘job’ is set up on our network and your data is accurately replicated to the flash drive of choice

Fast & accurate USB duplication

Not all companies offer the same service, many companies offer a file copy service but what is this? File copy is the same as dragging and dropping from your PC, it is perfectly fine to do this when you’re transferring files to your personal flash drive, but it is not recommended for commercial applications.

At Cardwave, we write a binary image. This means 100% of the data will be replicated to every single flash drive in exactly the same way. It also means we can have 100% confidence that whatever has been signed off as a master image will always be the same image written to the flash drive. This gives our customers a cast-iron guarantee that no-one or no system has interfered or changed the data in any way. Sometimes this is not malicious and perfectly innocent, but knowing that the image is correct and ‘as approved’ is an important part of what we do.

A 360º Approach

We deliver a tried and tested approach to delivering customised USB solutions for customers with specific content delivery programme requirements


We'll work with you to understand your requirements and develop a solution that is right for your business


From logo printing to configuration changes, we have options to customise your USB flash drive


Your data is valuable, we use bit by bit replication to write a binary image, we do not copy files


From order management, packaging to JIT delivery, we can offer a total solution

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