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Delight your customers and promote your product with our custom USB packaging solutions

Our USB packaging services

It’s important that your product looks the part, so whether you are looking for a no-frills bulk packaging option or something more bespoke, such as retail or individual packaging, then we have it covered.

If you want your products bar-coded and then shrink-wrapped – no problem, we have everything we need on-site so just tell us what you want and we’ll sort it out for you.


Packaging that is right for you

All our customers tell us that presentation is important, so receiving finished product in the same condition as it left our facility is one of our top priorities. We therefore use single-walled cartons for our inner packaging and double-walled, banded cartons for our outer packaging which gives the protection we expect.

For the USB flash drive itself, we have standard packaging options for you that are largely made from recycled materials. We are trying to reduce plastic where possible, but even the plastic we do use is 100% recyclable so you know we are as committed to the environment as you. 

Our innovative matchbox is a definite favourite, made from cardboard and sealed in a windowed or no-window sleeve, it is one of the nicest and low-cost ways to promote your product.

A 360º Approach

We deliver a tried and tested approach to delivering customised USB solutions for customers with specific content delivery programme requirements


We'll work with you to understand your requirements and develop a solution that is right for your business


From logo printing to configuration changes, we have options to customise your USB flash drive


Your data is valuable, we use bit by bit replication to write a binary image, we do not copy files


From order management, packaging and JIT delivery, we can offer you a total solution

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