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Maintain an audit trail of your devices with individual device serial number printing for USBs

Our USB serial number printing services

Unlike other companies we’re not limited to just printing logos, we’re also able to print custom serial numbers, or any variable data on each flash drive.

The raw data will need to be supplied to us in a spreadsheet and then we’ll set it up in our printing template to make sure it is accurate. Once the settings are locked, it’s a simple printing process.

Depending on the flash drive housing you choose, or any other product we are printing on, the smallest readable font we can print is equivalent to Arial 4 – obviously this depends on your eyesight but it’s small!

Why use serial numbers for USBs?

Serial numbers allow you to asset tag individual flash drives, providing a quick and easy way to identify and maintain an audit trail of different devices. 

By using a serial number as an asset tag for your USB, you can tie a particular product to a particular user. This is really useful if they are trusted to store critical data and it actually encourages users to be more careful with their flash drive!

Other advantages that aren’t user-centric include the ability to identify potential issues with batches of a particular product, e.g. maybe a software release that is found to have a bug.

A 360º Approach

We deliver a tried and tested approach to delivering customised USB solutions for customers with specific content delivery programme requirements


We'll work with you to understand your requirements and develop a solution that is right for your business


From logo printing to configuration changes, we have options to customise your USB flash drive


Your data is valuable, we use bit by bit replication to write a binary image, we do not copy files


From order management, packaging and JIT delivery, we can offer you a total solution

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